My 7 Favorite Body Scrubs for Clearer Softer Skin

Did anyone else not know about exfoliating your skin until much later than they should have? Because that was me. For most of my high school and college life, I had no idea why I was struggling with razor bumps and dark patches until my best friend showed me the light of exfoliating (thanks, you goober 😉). So, I went on to try out several different scrubs and exfoliators to help me combat that strawberry skin and start feeling comfortable wearing shorts and skirts again.  

EcoTools Exfoliating & Smoothing Dry Body Brush

The tried-and-true dry brushing has made such a massive difference for me. By the time I’m out of the shower, my skin feels so fricking soft. I usually start from the bottom and work my way up my body, always brushing towards my heart. I mostly focus on my legs, my thighs, my armpits, my arms, and my elbows. Check out videos on YouTube or TikTok for better tutorials; I recommend … I don’t recommend dry brushing if you have very sensitive skin, but if you think it’ll work for you, it’s worth a shot.  

I feel like the Tree Hut scrubs BLEW UP on the internet, and for a while it was so hard to buy them. Now I see them everywhere. Despite trying most of their scrubs, the one I go back to the most is the Moroccan Rose. I love the scent (not too strong but nice and sweet) and love how it feels on my skin. If the Moroccan Rose scent isn’t available, I also opt for the Exotic Bloom or the Tropical Glow.  

First off, I LOVE the smell of this stuff. The scent is so fruity and pretty. If you’re not into sweeter smelling products, then this might not be for you. Apart from the lovely scent and how well it exfoliates my skin, it is also super nourishing which I love during the winter months when my skin gets super dry.  

If you like a scrub that’s a little foamier and gentler, this one is fantastic! It’s hydrating as well as exfoliating and doesn’t leave a sugary or salty mess in the shower. The scent definitely isn’t for everyone. It has a very rich smell that I personally really like but could be considered a little too strong for some people. All in all, though, this has been a fantastic go-to for me over the years.  

This product greatly contributed to getting rid of my strawberry legs. After using it before shaving, I never had a problem with razor bumps. It does leave a little bit of a mess in the shower, and if you have a little nick or cut on your skin, the salt can irritate it a little, so just be conscious of that. But this stuff really helped me become more confident in my own skin. If not for the price, I would probably get it all the time.  

OUAI was another brand that just kind of came out of nowhere it seems (to me anyway). I decided to give their body scrub a shot since that’s one product I kept seeing, and honestly, I love it. It was designed to be both a body and scalp scrub. I didn’t care for it as a scalp scrub just because it stripped my hair of its natural oils. But using it on my body feels so nice and luxurious. The scent is super fresh and clean without being too potent. Despite how pricey it is, this scrub does make for a very lovely experience.  

I love using this scrub to really target problem areas on my skin. Blemishes, uneven texture, acne, etc. It clears away any dead skin and clears out my pores to keep the strawberry legs away. The crushed maracuja seeds give your skin a healthy, natural looking glow. On top of that, I love the smell of it. It’s a nice combo of floral and fruity notes. Again, the scent is very sweet and a little strong, so if that isn’t for you, then I don’t recommend it.  

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