5 Best Blushes to Give the Impression that You’ve Seen the Sun at Least Once 

When you live in the Midwest, winter is the most hated and most loved 6 months out of the year. Sometimes we like to pretend that we don’t live in the frozen tundra but actually live somewhere sunny and warm. We play into this fantasy by using blush to hide our vampire-pale skin and try to bring some life back into our faces that look like they’ve been dead for months. Maybe this is just me. With my pasty-white skin, sometimes I do like to give off the impression that I have seen the sun at least once in my life. These are a few of the blushes that help me achieve that look.  

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

My number one go-to. I know it’s a little spendy, but it seriously lasts so long and is so pretty. I typically dab a little on my finger and mix to warm the product before tapping it on my cheeks then blending it out with a sponge. The colors are so pretty, pigmented, and long-lasting. My go-to colors are called Grace and Encourage. I still have yet to try a few of the other colors.  

It’s a pretty good dupe for the Rare Beauty soft pinch liquid blush at a fraction of the price. The pigmentation is beautiful and long-lasting, and again, a little goes a long way. The only qualms I have about this are the applicator (it’s a little difficult to get the right amount on it) and the very small color range.  

It’s just such a pretty color for any skin type and it is very pigmented so again, a little goes a long way and it lasts so long. I still have yet to try the liquid version of this, but I’m sure it’ll be just as good.  

This blush is super pretty and blends so well. You can use the outer shade to sculpt your cheekbones then use the inner shade to add a soft, pretty glow to your cheeks. A little goes a long way! 

I actually saw this hack on TikTok and fell in love with it. Basically, you take your favorite color of liquid lipstick and dab a little on your finger then dab on a little foundation and mix it together. It makes a gorgeous long-lasting blush liquid blush! I typically use the color Innovator for a pretty red or Pathfinder for a pretty pink. But really, any of their colors would work well, I think. 

Physician's Formula Natural Defense Multicolor Stick

This one is a little harder to find it seems. I haven’t been able to buy it in stores (or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough), but it is seriously underrated. I usually get it in the color Natural Rose (if there are other colors, I don’t know about them). It’s so pretty and pigmented and the cherry on top is the SPF *chef’s kiss.*

Modern Stylish New Swipe Up Statement Story (4)-PhotoRoom

I typically go for lighter, peachy shades because I feel like anything brighter on my paper-white face makes me look a little goofy. If anyone has any suggestions for a pale-faced Midwestern girl, please let me know!  

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