My Top 5 Facial Cleansers

As a kid, I used to think it was annoying that I had to wash my face before bed, especially if I didn’t get dirty. Whenever I stayed with my grandma, she would make me wash my face at night and in the mornings (now THAT was weird to me). These are a few of the best cleansers I use for my acne-prone skin.  

CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

This one is probably my number one go-to face wash. It cleans my face without stripping it or drying it out, fragrance free, hydrating, all the good stuff. No fancy bells and whistles, it just does what I need it to do. 

I love this one when I’m wearing heavier or waterproof makeup. It melts off all the makeup before I go in with my facial cleanser and saves me the time and effort that I would normally spend scrubbing my face. What’s better is how soft it leaves my skin feeling without making it greasy or too oily.  

I love how this one feels on my skin. It cuts through any stubborn makeup without making too much of an oily, greasy mess and makes my skin feel so fresh and soft.  

Hero Cosmetics has really been surprising me lately. I love their acne patches, but now I see that they’ve branched out into making other skincare products. I love using this cleanser when my skin is feeling more irritated, sensitive, or if I’m having a bad break out. Or sometimes I’ll just use it in the mornings if I don’t need to do a big deep clean of my face. It’s just super gentle and hydrating while still cleansing.  

If I don’t use any cleansing balms or oils, I’ll use micellar water and cotton pads after washing my face to get any excess eye makeup or dirt off. Any of the Garnier Micellar waters work really well. I typically use either the mattifying or the original. It works amazingly for getting off stubborn eye makeup, mascaras, eyeliners, etc.  

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